Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Years resolution is to blog more, I must, or I'll pop! The last month or so, since my last post, I've been wedding planning, holidaying, toddler club hosting and festivating (a word?) our home.

The wedding plans are going well, so far all the big things are booked; registrars, reception venue, transport, catering, the dress! It's hard to tell you all much about it as I want most of it to be a surprise on the day, needless to say though it is a very time consuming process and I've already had nightmares about turning up at the registry office in my jeans!

I'm collecting vintage china for our reception dinner and stumbled across this on the back of a plate. How lovely, and how orderly.

I was wondering whether to wear a veil or not when I remembered my great grandmas veil was in our loft somewhere, I managed to find it buried away under lots of baby stuff. Unfortunately it is so old that my fingers went straight through it. I did manage to get some lovely photos to share with you before it was packed away again.

The bag that it was carefully folded up in
It's a large rectangular shape of fabric
with a stitched daisy design round the edges in thick silk thread
Taking a break from it all we had a week 'down south' in Bournemouth. It was lovely to spend quality time together as a family, we all just wished it didn't have to end.

The bright lights of Westbourne greeted us
Joel learnt a new phrase, 'uhh ohh', from his dad and he uses it every time he does something he shouldn't.
As well as how to get his feet out the top of his pram fleece, what a bendy boy!
While we were away we treated our house to a fresh look by having the hall, stairs and landing decorated.

We've had our eye on this wallpaper for a couple of years now and the long drops against the stairs really show it off. The walls have been pained in a lovely grey colour and the paintwork freshened up with a lick of white. Chuffed!


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