Sunday, 7 April 2013

A hunting we will go

Not since I was a child have the Easter holidays meant so much as I feel they do this year. Joel is at an age now where he can fully appreciate what's happening and so far there has been plenty.

We started the holidays at our good friends Easter party. Fresh air, digging, chasing, watching horses go by, moving with the sun, making baskets, eating butties and buns and (of course) hunting for eggs kept a gaggle of little'uns and big'uns happy.

That same weekend we met our great nephew for the first time. I'd forgotten how to hold a tiny baby so let Mr B hold him for our picture. Joel wasn't feeling very sociable and tried his hardest to sabotage the picture by blowing a raspberry, it was taken just as he laughed at his own joke so smiles all round.

A brilliant Easter parcel arrived from MD (Cuncle) which brought about the arrival, and fascination with, Lego in the form of a mega sticker book (Joel loves "ticking")

It was fascinating watching him stick people in line with the perspective of the images and where there were shadows denoting where the stickers should go he attempted sticking it face down, really carefully. It was cool. He's cool.

Gagga bought him a new trike, an early birthday present as if the weather is anything like last years waiting until his actual birthday would mean no triking. He spent most of the day carefully stacking items in the back of it, so proud of the results he said "Mummy take my picture"

Joel and I caught up with an old pal, who I hadn't seen since getting married. We visited Canopy The Woollen Woods, a woodland art installation of wildlife made from wool and felt.

It was great fun exploring the woods looking for critters. The work had been made by people from all over, they are still taking submissions so its a constantly evolving and growing piece.

Joel was obsessed with who might live through this door. He shouted "Hello. Are you in?" through it and said he could hear someone coming down the stairs inside.

I said that maybe an owl lived there but had got too fat to use his front door, Joel found that a plausible answer and low and behold if there wasn't a big fat owl sat in the branches!!

Weirdly seeing this little door tied into an idea I had just the day before, confirming to me it was a good one. I will keep you posted on it.

Oh and I got a new job which I start on Tuesday, eeek first job in three years. Excited, nervous, tired...all of the above. Again I'll keep you posted!


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