Monday, 16 December 2013


Oh the shame! It's been four months since I wrote and that's not been out of choice, life has got super hectic since I started work and Joel dropped his naps. It was amazing what I could get done in the time he slept; a blog, some cooking, some washing and maybe even a hot brew. Yes hot, as in drunk on time!

Its taken a long while to settle into work, especially given that my job means I am based at home. Initially I missed being in an office with other people, the purposefulness of having a destination not to mention the added bonus of new friends and people to eat lunch with. I'm now pretty well adjusted to the role and its challenges, I am grateful that when the sun pops out from behind the clouds I can (though not always) pull on my boots and hit the fells, take advantage of being around for when the washer finishes, watch the pennies and have what I like by eating lunch at home. Best of all though is to work with a hot brew in hand and the dog at my feet.


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