Friday, 18 December 2009

Deck the halls

A week ago we put up our Christmas tree, we were the first on our row of cottages to do so but I just couldn't wait any longer, plus there is this supposed tree shortage this year so we didn't want to end up with a really duff one.

It just about fitted in the car and we spent quite some time dressing it. It made me think about how Christmas when I was little and how exciting it was unwrapping the baubles that you hadn't seen for a year and carefully picking a branch to hang them on. I'm lucky enough to have quite a few baubles which were on my mums trees when she was little. As well as an ever growing collection of vintage ones from charity shops and markets. We also treated ourselves this year to some lovely ones which look old but aren't. I'm not one for themed trees, or people who end up buying a new tree colour scheme every year. Christmas is all about nostalgia for me and I treasure these decorations. They are so nice I thought I'd share my favourites with you.

I love this decoration, it always makes me smile. Half gnome half fir cone.

This one is about 70 years old, I love the shade of pink and the drop shape to it. It's so delicate and dainty.

This was one I was always wowed by, it's an Arabian palace made from glass. It's very old and I can remember there being more of these when I was little.

This is a very very old one that was my mums, it's a little basket with brightly coloured flowers in.
Probably my favourite one, it's quite large and again dates back to my mums childhood trees. It had to have a bit of a silver tape repair on the top as it had cracked and the wire loop wouldn't stay put. I hope to see this bauble every Christmas.

This funny little fella came from a charity shop and only cost 10p, he's made from a bauble and is playing a fiddle. I think he is American vintage. Cute.

Phillipa gave me two of these little fir cone people. They had been made for a church fair and the outer hoop is made from some recycled strips of plastic packaging tape. Ingenious.

Just to finish the room off we pinned up my Tunnocks tea cakes bunting. Fantastic. A real home made treat.


  1. you haven't mentioned your funny lady sitting on the top of the tree. who is she? she's just pooping up to say hello on the last picture! lovely decorations.

  2. thank you so much for sharing! it's almost like i got to come have tea and listen to you sharing the little joys you have in your tree!


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