Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October in a nutshell

The clocks have just changed for winter time, for people who don't have children that means an extra hour in bed. For those that do it means yours is the light that's on at 5.30am. This month there has been a lot of of lighting of fires, being thrifty with out food shopping, watching some good films and TV, had friends round for dinner and a daytime date with my husband (lunch out and the new 007 film) Here is some of the month of October in pictures for you.

Joel and his good pal visited some bunnies

An actual Velveteen Rabbit

New socks for me! No longer am I the holey sock Mummy at the soft play.

A trip out to a private landing strip with my Dad

It was really cold but Joel just loved watching the planes land and take off.

Leaves fell in all sorts of colours

Blackpool Illuminations turned 100 this year

KEB brought some heart illusion specs along for a heightened experience!

A puddling session without 'the gear'

Fearless on the playground.


  1. I'm one of those lights on at 5.30am...urghhhh. Looks like a lovely October - I'm especially loving those socks, and that bunny!
    (Don't think I've ever commented on your blog before, even though I've been following you for a while - hi!)x

  2. Hi Sinky, pleased to meet you. Your light being on at 5.30am is worth it to see such a beautiful little face, your baby girl is gorgeous! Will be following your posts from now on x


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