Thursday, 10 June 2010

Moggy mending update #2- Now there's a tail to remember.


I am very happy to say that Joey is making a full recovery :)

All last week he was managing to do propper sized wee's on his own so on Tuesday this week the vets decided he was healed enough to have his tail off. To be honest it had been bugging him for a while now as it was totally lifeless and had no nerve attachment, infact I was often having to hold it up while he had a wee, the things you do for those you love!

He looks very strange indeed without it and has a large shaved area on his rear, like a crew cut. You can really see how thick his tabby fur is when ther'es a whole section missing. So I'll post a picture of the new tail when some fur has grown over as I think he already feels quite degraded by his appearance and wishes to maintain his usual dashing public persona.

He is such a strong little fella and showing him so much love and care has helped him to pull through a very traumatic experience. Even the vets commented on how our dedication to getting him well again has been of huge benefit.

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