Tuesday, 11 January 2011


The funniest thing happened on New Years Day. Michael was visiting us so we had all gone on a walk up the lane together with the pram and Myrtle when Joey decided to follow us! It's quite a long way and he meowed the whole time and ducked into a hedge while we ran Myrtle in the field. You could tell he was outside of his comfort zone but all the same he didn't want to miss out on the walk.
Well on Monday I went for a walk up the lane with Joel and Joey followed, here he is trotting ahead of the pram stopping to look where I was every now and then. Here is a photo of my view.

It was about 4pm so as I had left it a bit late it was going dark on the way back. About a third of the way home a van came along the lane, I got into the side of the lane with the pram and encouraged Joey to do the same. However in his wisdom he decided instead to try and outrun the van down the middle of the lane which meant the van had to crawl along behind him. This went on for some time and i could see his little tailless wombat bum in the van headlights running all the way up the hill and out of site. I couldn't help but laugh, imagine how funny a view it must have been for the van driver!
As I walked up the hill Joey popped out of the hedge, clearly he'd realised he only had the edge on the van on the uphill run and decided not to tackle the downhill. He's so funny, he came trotting out of the hedge meowing loudly and then led the way home.
It was obvious that I now accompanied him on his walks not he on mine.

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