Monday, 18 April 2011

A bit of a Royal 'do'

One of my fondest memories from my childhood, and perhaps my earliest, is of Prince Charles and Lady Dianas wedding. I was 4 at the time and we celebrated crowded into my granny and grandads back room, with the dining table folded out full and laden with a propper Lancashire buffet (remember to pronounce the 't') I was in awe watching Diana and her hundreds of metres of silk pour out of the golden carriage, it was just like a fairy tale.

Now I know times have changed, and people can be alot more cynical about the Royal family, but I think that if we all embrace the upcoming royal wedding celebrations in the same way we did back in '81 the nation will have another day to remember.

So we are hosting a small Royal Wedding get together on the 29th! (doubling also as my friend Karens birthday party) The wedding will be on the big telly in our kitchen and I'm going to make buns and trifle and a wedding cake. There will be a glass or two of bubbly and tea in propper china cups. Oh and of course there will be metres and metres of bunting, enough waving flags to deck a whole gala with and as many union jack decorations as we can muster up. Joel will sadly be too young to remember the party but we will take lots of pictures to show him when he is older, and to share on here too.

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