Monday, 14 March 2011

Weaning weeny.

We are now in about the third week of weaning, giving Joel a savoury lunch and then a pudding for his tea. He's not very experimental, which is fair enough given he has only had milk for all his life so far, but enjoys his lunch of butternut squash and sweet potato and his tea of strawberry and apple pudding.
He sits in a Bumbo seat and wears a bib, now a sleeved one (I soon realised sleeves, and possibly legs, were needed) It's all very messy, as he enjoys feeding himself (or trying to). Here he is making a lunge for the spoon.

and he got it! He likes to chomp on the spoon so most times we end up with a spoon each. We tried bluberries, which he quite liked, but not the skins. No they came right back out!


  1. He's grown so much! He's gorgeous!

  2. Hey he is adorable ! Kids mostly crave for having spoon in their hand , he's simply being a kid ;p lol!!
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