Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Happy Holiday

It's been a very long time since my last post about our trip to Dorset. Life seems to have been so hectic since getting back, the time away was lovely and relaxing though, especially for Mr B who is all 'work, work, work'. I'll get you up to speed on what we got up to.

We rode on an open top bus from Westbourne (where we were staying) to Swanage. It was a lovely sunny day and lots of other people had the same idea as us. Mostly retired folk as the schools hadn't broken up yet.

The bus went really fast, it felt like a rollercoaster ride for OAPs!
Joel liked smiling at everyone and at one point some of the ladies sat opposite us took turns bouncing him on their knees.
It was a long journey, including a ferry crossing, Joel nodded off after a while. It was so nice to share the moment with Mr B. We will always remember this moment. His warm bady snuggled between us asleep on an open top bus :)
So much love for this boy xx
When we got to Swanage we went straight on a steam train to Corfe Castle. It was ace!
The decor was all original wood panelling
Joel liked crawling back and forth between us across the table. He is NEVER still.
Another day we went to the New Forrest, it was so beautiful and so special to see it for real 34 years after my first postcard was written there. There were wild ponies running across the roads. We also saw Deer and a huge Ants nest (hard to tell from this pic, but) it was covered with millions of Red Ants!
We spent a couple of days in Bournemouth, it was so nice. A proper old fashioned sea side town, with amazing formal gardens running through the middle of it. There was an old fashioned Balloon ride too, we didn't go on but enjoyed watching it rise up above the buildings. Isn't it pretty!
Joel thoroughly enjoyed himself, we stayed out late most days. Usual routine went out the window with regards to bed time but we figured all the fresh air was so good for him it didn't matter.
All in all it was a brilliant time for us, so nice to get away from house chores and for Mr B to get away from work and spend quality time with our little treasure.

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