Thursday, 30 June 2011

Summer wear

This last week the weather has been so hot, after being really grim. Our summers are getting stranger and stranger making holiday planning very difficult.
You may remember quite a few of my early posts were about my Great Aunt Margaret, in particular all the cool stuff that came to me once she had passed away. I didn't know her very well but looking through her stuff and seeing connections to myself was a nice way to get to know more about her life.
So with this in mind we are going to stay at Margarets old flat for a week, a whole week! Our first ever family holiday.

My last sewing project before we go is this little beauty. Margarets fabulously retro swimsuit! I've filled out, a little, since having Joel so this style looks great on my shape. Though the bust is a bit too big, even with the boning taken out so I'm doing a quick snip and tuck on the boob compartments. It's in great condition, I wonder if it was ever even worn?

There is a pool at the flats so I thought I really must wear this for our morning swims. Just hope the lovely hot weather holds out! I'll send you all a postcard x


  1. Hello! Thought I'd pop by for a visit. Found you via Today I Saw... LOVE the swimsuit...very swinging 60's baby yeah!! Good on you! Your bubby boy is adorable. xx

  2. You very lucky girl, this swimsuit is divine..oh what joy!!


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