Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bags of Fun!

I was given a lovely little project a while back which I haven't had the chance to tell you about. When our friends got married in September I was asked to organise party bags for all the children attending, along with snack bags too. Organised fun at it's best, in a bag!!

I got all their names and ages so I could tailor fill each bag to best suit the little guests. I found some really good stuff on the indoor market, brilliant joke/party stall which seemed to have stock from about 20 years ago (in a good way though) funny masks, squidgy toys, bubbles, fortune telling fish and whoopy cushions to name but a few of what I used.

This bag was for a 7 year old girl.

This bag was for the brides 7 year old nephew.
I kept the snack bags on the healthy side with home made heart shaped vanilla choc cookies, natural corn crisps, cheese, fruit and raisons and some delicate little round sandwiches made with half brown and half whites slices of bread. Fun.

There were some new babies there too so I gave their mummys some bubbles, a light up wand to keep baby entertained along with an energy giving biscuit (which I wrapped in baking paper and stuck with pretty tape) for them to munch during the speeches, feeding your baby starts with feeding yourself.


  1. These are so wonderful, I'm 28 and I'd be very happy with one to entertain me at family functions. The cookies look yummy!
    On the indoor market subject, It's amazing what you can find in old shops and markets where they have been holding on to old stock for a while. The best is fabric shops in funny old towns and there's a local shop near to us that I discovered were hoarding old Ossie Clarks and Nina Ricci's that they bought in the 70s. They were all stuffed at the back of the shop getting sun damaged. And they wouldn't let them go! Weird old shops!

  2. Yes absolutely, me and Karen (one of my maids) found a fab haberdashery shop in Morecambe which was stuffed full of buttons and trims. At one point we were crouched down looking through boxes under a table and I nudged Karen to show her the woman behind the counter was standing on a layer of buttons, zips and trims which must have been a good two inches deep. It made us feel queezy! Old shops are weird but in a great way, they have a totally unique agenda, which isn't always about making sales x


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