Wednesday, 5 October 2011


It's been a busy few weeks since I last posted, many a blog is queued up in my 'drafts' folder but I'm not sure if they will see the light of day now. Probably best to give you an abridged version of recent life.

Joels first encounter with Swans, he didn't believe me when I said they were birds. Well who would?
Lakeside fun
I've been slowly adding to my china collection, these 4 cups cost 50p and they are really old.  No saucers but they will be perfect for serving puddings in

Joel got some molars, nasty things.

I spotted this baby Toad in our front garden just the other night, he was diddy! Remember the difference between frogs and toads? Frogs have webbed feet and Toads have toed feet.
We ate blackberries straight off the brambles, they were warm in the evening sun. Joel loved them but got frustrated when I couldn't find them fast enough.
My love of all things miniature continued with an investment in this delightful little knife, perfect for topping my morning eggy weggs with
We were glad when the summer hols were over and groups were back on.

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