Saturday, 11 February 2012

Alright Me Old China!

I am too much of a blab to not tease you with wedding prep. A total and utter blabber blogger, that's me.

Anyway.........I'm enjoying the creative aspects of wedding planning the most, seems like forever since I could indulge my love of nice old stuff (I won't use the 'V' word, it's too cliche now) Messing around with place settings was one weeks nap time (Joels not mine) antics. Having admired from afar, but seldom purchasing, beautiful fine china over the years I have been on a one woman mission, since entering fianceedom, to be thoroughly greedy when I now see pretty little cups and saucers, gilt edged trios and plates of fancy going cheap. Here's a wee taster of what's going to be waiting for each of our guests on May 19th.

This cake plate is probably what sparked my love of china many moons ago. Laura Ashley at it's best, this range of fine china deserved to have most of my wages spent on it.

Make do and mend with odd cups and saucers, pick up some bargains too only 5p for the cup on the right!
Picked up a set of these unusual birdy cups and saucers in Westbourne, heavily decorated inside the cup and plain on the outside. Lovely.

Only right to have Diamond Liz sneaked in. I love a bit of commemorative china me.

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