Sunday, 8 April 2012

Balloons, rides and finds.

We've been up to allsorts here lately; It was really hot two weeks ago, Joel and I made it out on the trike. Here he is with a balloon we picked up/stole from a friends house whilst visiting her new baby. Thank god it's popped now as he wouldn't go out without it! He shouted ''Lllllloon llllooooon!'' as we rode along.

Later that week the maids and I went on a girly road trip (plus Joel) to Somerset to visit Alexandra King at her studio. Alexandra is making all our big day dresses (I only wish it was my entire wardrobe!) I didn't take any pictures as it was a bit of a whistlestop fitting after a six hour car journey but the studio was jam packed with exciting sketches, fabric samples and frocks to die for. We all looked super swish and I know I made the right choice in designer/maker for such special dresses, more to follow. Roll on the 19th! I'm about to burst with all the wedding blog drafts I've got stashed!!
We spent a day in Bath, it was lovely and we all said we'd like to go back. Bobbi Brown did the hard sell on us and we all walked away swinging bags of special makeup, as did a bakery window display, check out their wares!

Pistachio meringues the size of your head!
A darling iced house!
and Joel got himself another 'free' balloon thanks to Baths on street promotion of their Fashion Festival and Auntie Kebs sewing scissors!

Today is a rather grey Easter Day and as Mr B needed to do a few hours work I thought Joel and I could hit the bank holiday car boots. It was a little cold so thin on the turn out, but ofcourse I didn't come away empty handed. I got three different cups and saucers, a plate (all for the wedding reception) one of which was this kitsch little beauty.

I love souvenirs, especially vintage ones. It's an unnofficial collection/obsession of mine. So fate drew me to a small plastic cube on a very grubby stall, on closer inspection I realised it was a miniature TV shaped viewer.

 I thought 'dare I put it up to my eye before cleaning it?' I dared, it payed off and this was the view inside...

...even better, the rather ancient stall holder said I could just have it for free. It made my day. Well that and the chocolate eggs.


  1. Balloons are a nightmare, Finn has the same obsession, I had run down Blackpool Old Rd after one as he was crying and screaming like he had lost his best toy. As always great taste in old stuff! From a ladybird to a pussycat xxx

  2. Another fabulously entertaining glimpse into the life of Miss P.........I've got car boot envy!! Tx


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