Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hens at The Heaves

My word, what a busy few weeks it's been. Whenever it goes quiet on here it means I'm up to much! Not only have I had zero time to write but it's all been secret stuff, but now I am an honest woman I can start playing catch up on my blogging and get you all up to speed on life at Oakbank.
On May 12th the wedding celebrations kicked off with my hen party. Organised, as per tradition, by my lovely maids; the secret location was revealed just as I left the house, as The Heaves Hotel at Sizergh.

Like stepping into an Agatha Christy novel.
We had taken over one of the hotels huge lounges with bunting, balloons, cakes and flowers.

A long dining table was set with linens and fine china, three tier silver stands sported crustless sandwiches, home made cakes and pastries. It was just the prettiest thing I'd ever eaten.

Each of us had a goody bag which contained a moustache, a Cath Kidston postcard, fortune cookies, a flowery pencil and a craft pack of knickers (ready for adornment after tea)

The step back in time was completed by vintage stylist Sharon, from The Vintage Salon, who gave us all 50's pin up do's to get us into the party swing!

We then tucked into afternoon tea, being careful to keep our elbows off the table and ensure milk was in the cups before tea was poured (we failed miserably at this last bit)

An stroll was in order after all that indulgence so we explored the hotel grounds in the evening sun

Then we whiled away the evening with a round of Mr & Mrs, exploring the hotel, eating dinner (brought to our lounge!) and listening to vintage tunes whilst sewing knickers (and wearing our moustaches from our hen bags) and drinking G&Ts. It was just wonderful!

Best day ever.....well until the following Saturday that is!

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