Monday, 25 March 2013

Make do and mend

I bought three pairs of jeans almost two years ago, two skinnys and one straight leg. They are all a great fit but something I do in my everyday life has meant that each pair has got a hole in the left knee. The mystery remains as to why the left knee goes and not the right but the hole is no more as I patched it using some Liberty print canvas.

Here's how I did it....

You will need;
Fabric (has to be fabric of equal thickness to garment or you'll just end up patching the patch)
Threads (one that matches the garment and also one, or more, for the patch-in contrasting or matching colours)
Iron and board
Sewing Machine (optional)

1) Using an unpicker carefully unpick the jeans down the outside edge (that's where there is just single stitching) from five inches above to five inches below the area to be patched. This gives you the ability to work on a sewing machine. If you are happy hand stitching then this step isn't necessary but could still make the job easier.
2) Make a template of your patch shape using card, I chose a circle but traditionally they are square, ensure it is bigger than the hole you are patching. Draw round this template on the paper side of the Bondaweb. Then follow Bondawebs simple instructions on pack to end up with bonded patch.
3) Iron bonded patch onto garment.
4) Carefully run through sewing machine, or hand stitch, over edges of patch (this will ensure it doesn't lift) I chose a zig zag stitch in contrasting colour.
5) Optional- Then either by hand or machine work more stitching onto the patch. This gives decorative effect but also means patch is well secured.
6) Carefully stitch the garment back together (remember to change your thread!)

Back of patching when complete
Front of patching when complete
It seemed wrong to throw them out just because of a little wear and tear, so hey presto one pair of jeans with no draughts! I wonder if the patch will out live the right knee???

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