Friday, 8 March 2013

Scary Beary Museum

Yesterday we had an animal blast. The week had got off to a shaky start when Joel took a tumble on a play ground, climbing as usual, and managed to split his head open. We were playing on our own but two lovely mums dashed over to help us back to the car (it was obvious hospital attention was needed). I'm pretty squeamish but did well to remain vaguely calm and collected. After some crazy driving and even crazier singing (to keep him awake) and a long wait at the hospital our brave little rascal was glued back together again. 'Quiet Activities' were suggested on the head injurys leaflet, not an easy feat with Joel.
Racking my brains for what to do I was chuffed to find that Kendal Museum (just down the road) was offering free entry at the moment so yesterday morning we headed over and met our good pals there. Its a really old style museum, rammed full of lots of weird and wonderful things. It offers, amongst other things, an enormous collection of Taxidermied species, many displayed in antique cases. Its very dimly lit giving it an eery feel, great!

Soon after arriving I could hear Joel (toddlers do leg it off in places like this) shouting "Hedgehog, Hedgehog!"I just thought he'd seen one in a case and carried on looking at stuff when there he appeared carrying a stuffed one! Here he is posing next to it with his "ouchy finger"(prickled)

This moose head was mounted high up above a stairwell so I was unable to photograph with any scale reference but it was massive. Just like the one in Return to Oz.

They had a lot of free childrens activities too, these exploratory boxes were great with fossils, butterflies and even a dragonfly inside.

The John Hamer collection of minerals had a staggering 2000+ examples. This reclusive character spent his time potholing and collecting minerals, the entire collection was catalogued and moved from his house when he passed away. Its great to see someones lifes work giving so much pleasure.

Minerals displayed in a Victorian lamp table 
A hand drawn diary of his finds
Raaaaaah! Downstairs we found this guy, teeth and claws at the ready! Joel posed for a picture with him, just after I snapped this he stepped back onto the bears mount and it rocked forward a few inches over him....

..this would have been the view! No wonder he shrieked and ran to my legs saying "Mummy I scared of the bear!!"

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