Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Babble and Squeak

My new boots had their second outing today. Aren't they fine, I like them because they look like if you were to draw some walking boots, just really simple. They fit so nice too, much comfier and warmer than my old ones.

All the way along our walk I could hear what sounded like dogs, but really far away. Maybe a hunt or a trail? I kept Myrtle on the lead as I wasn't sure where they were.

Its amazing how much everything has changed here in just a week, we have had strong winds and heavy rain which has stripped lots of the leaves off trees and bushes, everything seems so open. The nice thing about it is that the bareness reveals little secret things that we've walked past every day before but never noticed. These bright red berries curling around a tree branch like a fruit vine had been obscured by a lovely thick Beech bush.

The River Sprint was so full today that the redundant overflow section (which would have once been used to channel off water to the farm) was overflowing. It's the first time I've seen it like this. Myrtle wasn't interested as you can see. She wanted to go in the river but it was too fast for her, I just can't bear the thought of her getting swept off so am always on the cautious side where swimming is concerned.

Oh yeah and the dogs I could hear, it was only on the home stretch I realised it was actually a weird squeaky noise from my new boots!

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