Friday, 13 November 2009


Just look at what we saw when we opened the curtains this morning, (you can just make it out on this rather rushed picture) the end of a rainbow right across the field from us! Or was it the start of one? I wonder if they always form from one direction? Important to know so you don't go running in the wrong direction after the pot of gold.

Myrtle wasn't sure what all the fuss was about but took a look anyway. She looks a bit like a shaggy sheep in this picture.

Whilst all this was going on Joey had helped himself to another blue tit, it's so sad and is the one thing about cats that I do not like. There are mice a plenty around here but he prefers these brightly coloured little fellas. He doesn't even eat them, just enjoys the rush of the kill.

Did you know that for every bird a cat kills it means there are seven less next year. This was his third (that we know of) so that's twenty one less little blue bods at Oakbank next year.
Naughty boy!


  1. Lovely post Miss P. Joey looks truly evil/naughty in that last picture x

  2. oh yes, he is a naughty boy but DANG he's got the most kissable nose!!!


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