Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Just Peachy

I've wanted to blog about this for a little while now but have only just managed to get a hold of the photo, anyway, I walk past this little cottage every day, sometimes twice a day, and have always admired it's peachyness.

It's not a colour you see painted on houses very often and I always thought it looked so lovely and vintage. Sort of like the colour of a twin set, a matching handbag and shoes, a pair of cats eyes sunglasses or a Triumph Herald motor. Most days a different vintage peachy something would enter my mind as I hurried past to and from work.

So imagine my worry when a few weeks ago (just before the weather turned) the house had ladders against it and sheets down with a pair of decorators stripping back the paint work! I considered intervening, making my colour recommendations to them as they scraped away with fags in mouths and radio blaring. I resisted giving exterior design advice and thought as I walked on 'Well it was inspirational while it lasted' teamed with 'Why didn't I take a picture of it???'.

Imagine my surprise when the next day I saw it had been repainted in the exact same colour choice!! I wanted to knock on the door and congratulate them on making such a fine choice in the face of new trends, colour mix machines and (the worst ever) plastic windows.

It reminded me of when I used to work in an interiors shop, how often older couples would come in clutching a sample of worn out but well loved fabric looking for it's exact replacement. So attached to their colour scheme as though it were an old friend, setting the tone in albums worth of photos of the festive family, the Jubilee buffet, any old knees ups and get together. Always there at the end of a long day, their choice, and they will stick by it. Lovely.


  1. I think you should pop a note through the door explaining how much delight they have bought you!

  2. A agree with Emily! Miss P you should do it!!! xx

  3. V - I've just stumbled across this as I try to catch up with friends doing wonderfully brilliant things, and only now, as the rain conspires to stop my from leaving Kendal, have I been able to begin to dent the enormous panel of catching up to be done - This was my first, and what a wonderful way to start. My, dear, dear, friend - you have a talent of the peachiest kind. Bloody funny stuff! x

  4. Just called over from Flying Eagle Woman's site to say Hi, and Here I find that we are virtual neighbours! I live on the Northumberland/Cumberland border, and Scotland is only two miles away from where I live! I though how strange is that! Now how could two English people who live so close, be brought together by an Indian woman? But I just love Shawna! And, as she said to me, something brought her to my site!
    I've been reading through some of your old posts and I love them! I love Kendal. Some of the most beautiful countryside is right on our door-steps, but we often take it for granted! Anyway, I'm pleased to meet you! Give me a virtual visit too if you have the time!


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