Wednesday, 15 September 2010

...lucky leaf

I'm not getting on here regularly enough to post as things happen but I am jotting all my ideas down and storing my photos for those stolen moments when Joel is asleep. We haven't developed much of a routine yet, well what can you expect from a seven week old? So life at Oakbank still very much revolves around him.

A couple of weeks ago Millie and I got out on a stroll up the hill with him, we hadn't gone more than a few feet when Joel got his first bit of luck, a lucky leaf!

If you aren't familiar with this it's when a leaf falls from a tree and lands on you, perhaps it's seen as a rarity and that's why it's so good. It's certainly better than being struck by a bird poo, which strangely enough is also considered lucky! This is probaby something thought up to console the poo victim. Anyhow, this was a reminder of how autumn is well and truely with us now. Joels first autumn.


  1. Such a sweet picture and he doesn't seem at all bothered by the leaf in his face. I haven't heard of a lucky leaf but you're right it's much better than bird poo!

  2. hello, i am a silent reader but i keep on reading your blog frequently
    nice blog you have here
    congratulation for being the mother of lovely joel

    simple 'hi' from Indonesia

  3. The dead leaf meets life. It's very lively as photo

  4. It wasn't millie you were with, it was me!
    I was pooed on by a little bird the day after my birthday two years ago, I was a bit miffed but then Jeff said it was lucky so it wasn't so bad after all!


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