Tuesday, 31 August 2010

...cuddles with Miss Wiggles

Our good friend Jill visited this weekend, it was the first time she had met Joel and we had so much to catch up on; labour, breastfeeding and what it's like to have your life turned upside down by a tiny weeny boy.

Jill brought Joel some lovely gifts. They were colour co-ordinated in the same colours as the nursery and the baby shower. Jill gave him- A lovely story book from the 1940's, Jill said she thought that the author must have been American as her photograph was so glamerous with her hair all set and her makeup done (then we laughed as we both said 'because english women didn't even know where there next meal was coming from let alone the next pair of tights)
A brilliantly funny pair of knitted boot/socks which as you can see by the photograph look like they are for a five year old in the foot but a six month old in the leg. Jills mum made a beautiful cardigan (Jill picked the colours).

The best present of all was this lovely patchwork quilt which Jill had made from an online pattern. It's in all the colours we have used in the nursery and looked spendid on Joels bright orange cot. What a lucky boy he is to have such nice things.

We went for afternoon tea in town and saw this very summery window display in one of my favourite shops, Woodbridge and Mounsey. They have a dusty dim lit back room stacked high with fabric and wallpaper books, it would probably take you months to look through them all. The window was of the new Sanderson range of wallpapers and had been displayed as though they were swim suits. We were impressed and I'm sure Joel would have been if he'd been awake.

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  1. So glad you and Joel liked all the gifts! It was so great to see all three of you and hear all your news. X X X X


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