Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Baby it's cold outside.

Well actually it's warm and sunny at the moment, in fact you'd be hard pushed to believe it's October! Despite the warm days the temperature surely falls at night, when there is a real bite in the air and an exciting whiff of Haloween, Bonfire Night and beyond.

Joel has a quite a collection of fantastic blankets to keep the chill off.

Here he is pictured on his special one by Sharon, which I've already featured along with the lovely patchwork by Jill.

These thinner ones are what we have used during summer, they were both mine when I was a baby, the one on the left is what I was brought home from hospital in on the day of our streets 1977 Queens Jubilee party, infact the taxi could only get my mum so far and then she had to walk the rest, imagine that, little teeny me amidst all those rows of tables of waving union jacks and bowls of jelly. 

This fantastic white one was made by my Aunty Judy, look at the amazing detail. I love the ribbon.

This is another one that was mine as a baby, a kitten eiderdown with a distinctly vintage look about it. This goes on top of a blanket to weight it down when it's really cold.

This check blanket it mainly used in his pram as it's fairly small. It too was mine as a baby, I love the satin edging, to stop any tickling of sensitive skin, and the lovely old label.

We thought a good way to put Joel down once he is asleep is to warm his cot with a hot water bottle so the cold contrast to a warm cuddle doesn't wake him. I found this lovely one in town. How sweet!

All in all he should be snug as a little bald, blue eyed bug as the weather gets colder.

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