Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Great Expectations

On Sunday we went to visit my Grandma Amy, Joels Great Grandma. She was thrilled to see us and as she gave Joel his first great cuddle she said 'Hello Joel I'm your Great Grandma' and as usual Joel looked like he knew exactly what was being said, carefully studying her face lined with 95years worth of wrinkles.

We ate cake and chatted about her garden, her helpers, her memories of the blitz when she was living in Luton and her recent day out as the local Girl Guides guest of honor at there centenary party.
Amy is the oldest living Girl Guide in the village and she spoke to the guides about her years as a Guide in particular her attendance at an International Guiding event when she was 15, back in 1930, where she met some Guides from New Zealand! She aslo told us about the time she looked after a small group of scouts when there was temporarily no leader for their group. She arranged a local barn for their meetings and set up a mock camp fire in the middle of it using torches under red cellophane paper and sticks. They begged her to tell them scary ghost stories at the end of each meeting, so she did but one night they got so scared they wouldn't walk home alone, there would have been no street lights in the village then, so she had to walk them all round their houses. How funny.
The local paper featured an article on the event and published Amys picture. She has also written a piece for an article a local journalist is writing about the Girl Guides.

I wonder what it's like to be able to reflect back so clearly on 95years of life, with such alot of very happy memories to share. I'm glad that Joel and her have met and in some small way shared their wisdom on life.

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