Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Adventure Lane

We live in the country, which is lovely, but doesn't afford you many pram friendly walks. People tend to drive a bit crazy down country lanes, and then have the cheek to pip their horn or shake their heads at me, a pedestrian walking with a pram at the side of the road. All they have to do is slow down but that doesn't seem to be on their agenda in life. Anyway my bad driver rant is over now as the back lane to town is closed off to vehicles (all be it temporarily) which has meant a new lease of life for Joel and I.

The last couple of weeks we have done a fair few miles along this lane and seen lots of exciting things like....

A field full of gee gees (horses) which Joel was fascinated by and kept laughing at them as I fed them grass.

I think it was the way their lips curled back to reveal their massive teeth that kept him amused. The supply of carefully selected juicy grasses made up for being the but of the joke for the horses.

We also saw a bit of the hedgerow which was keeping warm by wearing a mossy jumper. Looks a bit like a Koala reclining backwards don't you think? Or maybe a Sloth?

Really interesting lichen, the most amasing shade of blue/green. It was all spikey and looked like it should be underwater.

Part of our walk goes alongside an industrial estate and we saw the funniest thing hanging over a wall there!

The shiniest fungus, it looked like it was made from gemstones.

We love our wanders, long may the road ahead stay closed (open)

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