Sunday, 6 September 2009

The best 'load of bobbins' ever

This is the second part to the sewing biography of my late Great Aunt Margaret. Along with all the buttons and non buttons I also got a massive stash of threads, most of which are very old and on lovely wooden bobbins. Hard to fathom why we now only see nasty plastic ones in the shops. There is a really good selection of colours, some of which she has bought more than once. So many to wade through when doing her mending she no doubt couldn't always find the bottom of the tin.

They have really great names too. My favourites are Dark Elephant (suitable for mending elephants?), Chartreuse (a french liquor I once fell foul of), Monaco Blue (I imagine Margaret went there on her travels, sipping cocktails) Light Rose Du Barri and Filbert

There is also a small box with silks in it. with neat little printed cardboard's through the middle. I think these a really really old, maybe they were her mums? There was also a couple of 'Flora MacDonald' packets of needles. One for 'Carpets' and the other 'Everydays'. I love the idea that it was so common place to mend your carpet.

This is what the packets look like inside, with a lovely little envelope design on the inner flap. The text reads 'Ladies who are well pleased with the quality of these needles should ask again for the same packet'. I'm 'well pleased' with all the things I've got from Margaret, though I won't be able to order any more.


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