Sunday, 20 September 2009

Y'al right chuck?

......well these chucks certainly are!

Our neighbours have gone away for the weekend so we are looking after their hens. The three lovely Oakbank ladies need letting out of their house every morning, not too early though as they are busy laying their eggs until about 9am. Here is where the magic happens.

We give them some fresh water and food in their special feeders and also scatter some corn on the ground in their enclosure amongst all the leaves and grass so they can spend the day finding it. They like to jump on top of their house so they can see over the wall, they're a bit nosey (or is that beaky?)

So far we have had eight eggs from them in just three days. They are all different sizes and shades. We have only eaten two so far, fried them up and had them in butties with Brown and Fruity sauce on (Fruity being the girls version of Brown) I think we might bake with the others.

Yesterday one of them escaped and Mr B (with the help of his dad) caught her and popped her back in the chuck enclosure. If you hover your hand flat over them they stand still, as though paralyzed by invisible rays, then you can quite easily pick them up.

I have stroked one and she felt so amazingly soft, like a cloud. However I do have a bit of a scaredy thing about birds feet which is emphasised on the chucks as they have really big scaly looking ones, like dino feet. So I don't really go in with them but admire from over the fence.

They put themselves to bed just before dark, a girls night in every night, so we just have to close the door on their house and slide the nesting box door cross so they keep snuggley and warm and also lay in the right place. It's an amazing process and makes you realise how important it is to eat free range as happy chucks really do make happy eggs. A real bit of goodness to start the day x

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  1. I love this story. I wish I had neighbours with chickens. Living in the countryside sounds lovely. x


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