Sunday, 27 September 2009

Some amazing things...

...this is my friend Karen with the smallest little puppy we've ever seen.

She was a runt Jack Russell pup and really just looks like one of those battery powered dogs that bark, take a few steps and then do a somersault. Here she is playing with her brother, she measured just over 20 centimetres in length. She was really feisty and was chasing the other two pups and growling. Karen said 'you have to be tough when you're the runt'.

Yesterday Mr B was supposed to go into work but the weather was so nice we went and had a wander around Harrogate for the afternoon, we are looking for nice freestanding kitchen units at the moment. So far this probably doesn't sound amazing but wait for it.....whilst walking though M&S we bumped into Sophie, who was a very good friend of mine during the nine months of Art Foundation back in Blackpool. It had been 12 years since we'd seen or heard from each other and nether of us could quite believe it. It was like one of those moments in a film. It put a smile on my face all day.
I don't have a picture of Sophie but here is another picture of the small dogs I saw, this little white fella isn't quite as small as the others.

An amazing button shop had just opened in Harrogate, Duttons for Buttons, what a collection! I treated myself to five pounds worth (sadly not in weight)

Whilst unloading some washing from the machine this morning a massive hot air balloon wooshed over the house and garden! Myrtle barked at it and I quickly grabbed my camera but only managed to snap it as it disappeared into the fields behind (apparently you get £200 from the balloonists if they land in your field) I think I'd like to have a balloon ride one day.

Last night next doors chucks laid two soft eggs. They are the weirdest things and resemble wilted party balloons.

I've looked up online and apparently it's nothing major but can indicate a lack in calcium. Recommends keeping the shells when we've eaten other eggs and then baking them for ten minutes in the oven, crushing up finely and feeding them to the chucks


  1. That little doggy is the cutest!
    Oh miss P a parachute came over our house today, isn't that funny. Sometimes I think you and I are living in parallel universe! x

  2. I loved this post but the egg at the end REALLY grossed me out. Cute dogs. x


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