Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Blackberry; wireless and yummy

On Sunday we went blackberry picking, it wasn't what we set out to do, Myrtle needed a walk..

..and then we stumbled across a real stash of them growing just down the lane and couldn't resist picking as many as we could reach. Mr B could get up a bit higher than me, which was where all the really bigguns were. Our fingers were stained bright purple by the end.

It was a beautiful warm evening, perhaps the last one this year, the berries had soaked up all the goodness from the sun and tasted super sweet. It was quite hard not to just eat the lot there and then (like Myrtle was doing) but I'm really looking forward to making jam out of them to give us a taste of the beautiful Cumbrian summer throughout the winter months.

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  1. sweet sweet. Daniel and I collected blackberries in London a few weeks ago and we put them in plastic bag. Unfortunately the bag leaked and on th ebus on the way hom we left a trail of red liquid, like we were murderers. We learnt tupawear is best for blackberry picking.


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