Saturday, 17 October 2009

Pondering puzzles

Whenever I go in charity shops I have a look at the jigsaws, I rarely buy them but I like to see what they are of. They can be of pretty much anything; famous (or not so famous) paintings, historical sites, the Royal family, animals the list goes on and on, sometimes though I stumble upon one which is really unusual.
This jigsaw is of the regional industries of the British Isles.

It was amazing to see what was made where. In a day on age when so much is imported it's nice to see a reminder of what once was. It would be a great project to look at how many of these regions still produce what they are on the map for. I also like the idea of jigsaws being a learning tool, educating children (and adults) about where we live. I wish I'd bought it now.

I'd included this one for pure comedy value.

But having written these words and seeing it now in all it's super sized, intensively produced glory, juxtaposed with the above, it seems very poignant. Highlighting how shifts in culture and values make this a rather sad pair of jigsaws.


  1. Hey thanks for the kind words. I am no professional but I like to snap a pic now and then.


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