Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Spring forwards, Fall backwards

I always remember which direction the clocks change by that little saying, I love it.

There are cows in Myrtles field so I've been walking some different routes. I feel apprehensive about being near cows with her, even on a lead. I am the type of person to get chased by cows, as that's the same type of person who gets hit on the head with a football whilst walking through the park.
Anyway so back to the walks, since the clocks went back on Saturday the season seems to have really kicked in.
The trees are all fantastic colours.

It rained quite heavily overnight so the river was very fast flowing but it didn't put Myrtle off going in for a swim. She loved swimming against the current and was so proud of finding her stick .

This is my favourite tree, it's a Larch. I love the way it looks so feathery and soft, it has little cones growing all over it now.

I love this time of year. It makes me feel excited to know everything is changing and Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas are all on their way!


  1. day had started out a little rocky...I'm so SO glad I stopped by, your post just cheered me up! BLESSINGS AND HUGS!

  2. Ah the autumnal woody-smoky smells.

    We don't mess with clocks here in Arizona but I always have to stop and think when I call my sister, "Are we GMT -7 or BST -8 hours?"

    Of course to make things interesting the Navajo reservation does do what the rest of the country does.



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