Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Time for Breakfast

I'm off work this week and next moving all my stuff out of my old house and into number 5. My house sale is due to complete next Friday. It's pretty tiring stuff so am taking the day off from lugging boxes to catch up on blogging and also get some sewing done.

One of the best things about being off work is making breakfast, I generally don't like eating before 10am so on work days I don't bother, so having the time to make it is a real treat. The neighbours are away so I popped round to check on the chucks and got myself four eggy weggs. I'm going to send the feather to Jill, she sends me fantastic postcards.

A few minutes later breakfast was ready; scrambled eggs, wholemeal toast, orange juice and earl grey tea (loose of course). Served on my favourite tray from when I was a child (it has a design of gardening tools and plants on it with a wicker edge). It's so nice having my special things around me again.

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