Tuesday, 23 March 2010

All in an hour!

I've had one of the most productive lunch hours in a long time today. Not only did I have a delicious lunch with two of my work friends at Baba Ganoush (sorry no link to provide you with) who cook up the most fabulous soups, potato dishes, salads, sandwiches and cakes in the whole town! I had goats cheese, cauliflower and potato soup with croutons and a chunk of deli rye bread followed by a chocolate and walnut brownie.

Then I rolled on with my errands which included finding some 100% cotton crochet wool for fellow Knit Natterer Sharon to turn into a gorgeous baby blanket (she is a real wizz with the crochet needles) for little bean. How kind of her. I managed to track down a lovely range of colours in the Wendy Supreme collection and decided on the combination below of Sunflower (more yellow in real life) and Soft Jade (more grey in real life). I'm sure you'll agree they look great together.

Then I stopped off for a look in Oxfam and picked up these great vintage travel patches. Aren't they just the best find ever, especially the Switzerland one. I may have not mentioned this before but I have an obsession with all things which tick the following boxes in one fell swoop Swiss, vintage and souvenir. Yum!

I also got this vintage glitzy hand stitched flower applique, it's very old and will look great adorning a bag or plain top this summer. 99p, now that's a bargain.

I wonder what fantastic frocks it's belonged to? How many dances it saw? How many suitors eyes it's caught over the years? What a treasure!

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