Thursday, 1 April 2010

Butties up!

I went to Knit Natter Stitch Chatter last night for the first time in about 3 weeks, I've been feeling so tired by about 6pm it's been very difficult to do anything in the evenings, especially thinking creatively. However I think the light nights are already having a positive effect and I'm so glad that I went.

It was a reasonable turn out considering it's our Easter holidays. Sharon had already made up lots of crochet sections out of the wools I'd picked out, she's experimenting with a hexagonal sections as opposed to her usual squares and having played around on the computer with the various pattern options had come up with a whole host of exciting baby blanket designs. I've left it to her to decide which one she makes them up into, they all looked great to me.

Frances was on with a roman blind for her bedroom, made from this lovely Harlequin fabric. I have a real thing about greens so might have to get some of this myself.

Other members were knitting away- Mitzy was using some super soft wool, which Ann so aptly described as being 'really sheepy' as it was the exact colour and texture of one, from a gigantic ball which she was using as a cushion at the same time, how resourceful!

Than at about 9.30 the landlady kindly made us a big plate of sandwiches! Here they are, as you can see we were quick to tuck in.

What a nice gesture. It's such a lovely friendly pub, I'm so glad I chose it as our venue and must remember not to have such a big tea before going next week in case the butties are a regular :)

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  1. Oh I so wish I lived in the Lakes again so I would be able to come to your lovely evenings!xx


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