Saturday, 29 May 2010

Wendy House

At the moment we are having lots of work done on the house which means we are without a proper kitchen. So we have set up what we call the wendy house kitchen in the garage.
Our big oak dining table has the two ring camping stove on it (with grill) and is also our prep space. We have got the fridge freezer (full of a whole batch of chili I cooked up befre the kitchen was ripped out) in there along with a microwave/mini oven which we have recently discovered has a pizza button. Result!
There's an old cupboard we have used as our larder and crockery store.

Here are some eggy weggs a la wendy frying up for butties on the camping stove.

'His and Hers' sauces, do you know which is which? It's an unofficial rule that fruity is the girls version of brown sauce (sorry if that causes any offence to male readers)

So all in all it's not a bad set up, the only drag is that there's no tap in there but we've managed ok so far. The weather has been really nice of late so we've mainly been having 'summer teas' consisting of jersey royal potatoes, salad and something. Easy to prepare.
Mr B reckons that salad aint sald unless it has some hard boiled egg included, it made us laugh that this was such a hard fast rule, bred into him from childhood no doubt. We decided this must be a Lancashire thing (our home county) as it's not common up here. So anyway I'd better get some eggs on the go ready for tea.

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