Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bee'n buzzy

Back in August last year I wrote about the giant bee we saw in our front garden, well last week I met it's mother! It was about the size of a two pound coin. Here it is safely caught inbetween a glass and Myrtles vaccination reminder card. They are such an important part of our eco system and sadly on the decline.

Here's a shot of it's big fluffy yellow bum. It was getting a bit angry at this point so I popped it outside and off it went.

Myrtle hid under the dining room table while I caught it. She has a massive phobia of bees, well anything that makes a buzz noise actually. Since being stung on the bum last summer she thinks anything that makes that noise is going to 'get her'. This includes bees, wasps, flies, midges and humans who make the noise just to see what happens, and yes we are to blame for that last one.

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