Sunday, 15 July 2012

Full Circle

Almost three years ago I started this blog with a post about how fantastic our local woods were, the star find which had sparked my inspiration was a teeny tiny tea set. Last week I had the pleasure of sharing the excitement of this fairy find with Joel. We drank rain water tea from thimble sized cups and even invited a passing snail to join us.

Then yesterday we went for an after nap stroll along the river, a different route to usual, we stayed where the trees are more sparse to catch some sun. It's about a forty minutes treck through woodland, fields and country lanes. Joel managed to walk all of it, steaming ahead of Mr B and I most of the way! Of course we had to stop off for a paddle and this time I was actually organised enough to take off his shoes and socks (seeing as all his shoes were soggy on top of the Rayburn!) The boy has so much energy! There are no toys as good as the great outdoors.

Stopping a moment to contemplate a rock before he threw it.

Even on the final leg of the walk (a steep hill beside our house) Joel insisted on running with wobbly knees all the way home. Mr B had to run on ahead with him in case he fell (which of course he didn't) I was cringing!

Our first growing efforts; Tom, Art and Toe on the kitchen window sill (a very sunny spot) yet to yield.

Strawberries, which failed miserably (apart from the top plant) in a strawberry pot. What's that all about eh?

My favourite brew at the moment, bought for me by a good friend.

Chucking stuff seems to be one of Joels 'quieter' persuits. I introduced him to plums the other day, he managed to overarm bowl it the full length of the kitchen. Then I was missing my moisturiser lid, for days I wondered where it was. Then I spotted it half way down the back garden (which Joel isn't allowed in due to the pond) wedged in the paving, he must have launched it out of his bedroom window. Englands cricket team watch this space!

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