Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Alot can happen in a week (and a bit)

The last weeks(ish) shenanigans in words and pictures...

Look what dropped through our door!

Best behaviour! Not at all, Mary had loads of fun showing Joel round their garden and house.

Sadly on the way home he had his first propper fall (one that involved blood and grit) but he just gave it a rub and said 'uh oh'
We went on a farm trail and Joel got to sit on a dead good tractor and a hen!
We like the tractors which are open top best, vintage style.
After my interview (first in 7 years) I sat and drank a hot chocolate and read Mollie Makes, just like a propper grown up might have. I got the job but turned it down, great job but just bad timing in terms of motherhood.

We went along to a new local steiner group which is setting up, jury is still out on exactly how 'steiner' we are, but they are a lovely bunch with some interesting ideas which we want to support them.

Of course there was all the usual stuff inbetween, these are just the moments I managed to a) remember b) photograph


  1. I recognise that tractor - my little man can't go to Sizergh Barn without planting his bum on it. The piranha chickens are our favourite though - don't go and see them in sandals because you'll lose toes. Love your blog! Sarah.

  2. I'll bear that advice in mind Sarah, thanks for your lovely comments x


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