Monday, 16 July 2012

May 19th- Ticket to ride, eat and party!

After our frolics around Kendal town we boarded a 1955 AEC Regent 3 Double Decker, courtesy of Cumbria Classic Coaches. I'd not seen the bus, Peter, in real life at the time of booking but he did look rather gorgeous with his red leather upholstery, polished mahogany and wooden boarded floors. Once he was all decked out with flowers and our colourful guests onlookers couldn't help but smile and wave as we did a victory lap of the town.

Personalised bus tickets with our names and wedding date on along with a picture of our bus
We managed to all squeeze onto the last seat!

Once we arrived at our local village hall we were hit by the full impact of our decorations, the day before had been so manic there was no time to just stop and breathe and appreciate what we had created with the help of  so many kind friends.

A riot of colour strung from each beam
Decorations that make you want to climb on a table and cuddle them! Super poofy poms by The North Pom
Ooh look you can see the pretty line of my dress straps here, and of course the fabulous hall!
Thrifty finds like charity shop tablecloths, mixed with family linens, home made table numbers and floral arrangements in jam jars and our neighbours silverware made exciting and interesting table tops. Oh and each table had a different bottle of Barrs pop on it!
The food was labelled up with rosette style labels to give a village fete feel to the buffet. Along with paper pinwheels we had made at one of our maids meetings
Mr B kept these specially brewed and designed beers a secret until a couple of days before, what a fab idea and they tasted delish!

MD said some lovely words- "I think about why we are here today and I can't help but wonder... I think about love and what it means to find love. I marvel that amongst the five billion people on Earth, on this rock that hurtles through the infinite space of the universe. Of all the possibilities, the stupefying odds of what is and what could be. That two people as special as these have found each other. That they have a child as perfect as Joel and a love as strong as they do. For that I am grateful to be a witness here today, I think we all are." Beautiful x

We begged and borrowed table lamps to fill each window sill with to create an eclectic and atmospheric  lighting display for the evening.
An old friend offered her artistic skills making photo props for  our photo booth, she'd admitted to reading one too many Mr Men books in the run up to the wedding.
We re-used hen party decorations 
Wrote our seating plan on the foyer windows in glass pens
Bought a few cute drinks accessories from Etsy and Mr B designed beer mats with us as kids on them, an idea we used from our friends wedding last year
This old suitcase belonged to Karens Auntie, the paper bunting was from the hen do and the wooden printers letters are Mr B's. So the whole lovely card drop cost us not a penny to set up.
We walked home under the stars in the wee small hours, me with this picnic rug wrapped round me and Mr B carried our suitcase of swag. Chatting about how lovely our day had been and stopping for a kiss, or three.


  1. Thank you Night Porter, glad you enjoyed it. We couldn't have managed without your balloon inflating skills xx


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