Saturday, 14 July 2012

May 19th- Glad rags, photo fun and fairgrounds

Well here they are finally, our official wedding photos. We have enjoyed looking through them so much, re-living the day and smiling lots. Now it's time to share the joy, well some of it... see the full wedding on my Pinterest page.

Karen and Millie made the perfect floral maids in Alexandra Kings vintage inspired creations with Rachel Simpson shoes. Styled themselves with denim jackets, straw handbags by Cath Kidston and pink see thru umbrellas from our local cobblers. Posies were home done pom poms of pink gypsophila tied with vintage pink lace.

The backs of the dresses had sheer panels trimmed with the floral. At the front the fabric gathered into straps.

We were about fifteen minutes late! Don't ask how it happened, hence no pictures of us getting ready as it was MAD! Mr B looked hot in a jacket by Holland Esquire waistcoat by Gibson trousers by Nigel Hall and tie by Tie Obsessed

After stumbling through our vows, listening to beautiful readings by our two witnesses and the careful application of a diamond ring we were married! Big kisses and breathe!

MD read an excerpt from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and Jill Wignall read So We'll go no more a Roving by Lord Byron. they both read beautifully despite their nerves and Jill having to read the words breast and sheath!
My headpiece had been made by Karen from a vintage corsage I bought about 5 years ago in a local charity shop. Karen re-worked it making it smaller and less proud from my head and added some vintage hat net from Sheena Holland. The dress was by Alexandra King, jacket by Del Guidice Studio and shoes by Rachel Simpson. My posy was a home made tight bunch of ranunculus wrapped with crochet lace trim
We then led the way across town to our favourite local wine bar. The bunch of yellow heart shaped balloons meant no-one could lose sight of us!
Whilst everyone else way partying inside we sneeked off with our photograher, Dan Jones, and did a photoshoot. It was such fun! We both dislike those 'stood in a row photographs' that you always see and were determined for our shots to capture the essence of the day.


  1. your wedding looks so fabulously colourful! I love your wedding outfit, you look amazing, such a beautiful dress!!! x

  2. Thank you, we enjoyed the day so much, it went way too quickly!

  3. You look totally and utterly stunning and your maids look gorgeous and every detail of your wedding is beautiful! I know how much hard work you put in and it really looks like it paid off. Just soooooooooooooo wonderful! x


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