Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Eggy Weggs

Here is the breakfast I have just finished. All the way round on my driving lesson all I could think about was eggy weggs. Four and a half minutes is perfect for me I don't like them runny.

I hadn't had eggy weggs for years and then had them two days in a row at M's (he likes them done for four minutes) and again when I went to visit FSN (I think she has em on four as well). Eggy weggs is the actual term we use for boiled eggs and soldiers, it cannot be used for eggs presented in any other way. All three of us are mad about eggy weggs. Are you mad about em too?

Myrtle ate the bits out of the lids as a special treat, we don't give her tit bits as we don't want her to beg for food, I put them in her bowl so she didn't know they were part of my breakfast. It probably hasn't fooled her though.


  1. i am mad about them but i didn't know the name eggy weggs. i like it. i used to cook them every sunday and listen to desmond carrington on the radio. i got reaaly good at getting them perfect. but i stopped when his radio show got cancelled. i cried that day. X

  2. It's such an achievement to get them just right. I feel somewhat comforted knowing that as they go in the pan I am exactly four and a half minutes away from eggy wegg heaven x


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