Monday, 17 August 2009

Just the (gin and) tonic

I always thought how nice it would be to have an evening to go to each week where other people who liked sewing and such like could meet up in a nice pub and get to know each other whilst getting to know what each other know, if you catch my drift. Sick of waiting for the perfect evening to come to Kendal I started one myself.
Knit, Natter, Stitch and Chatter meets every Wednesday at The Riflemans Arms pub on Greenside in Kendal, a very traditional pub, with mostly male patrons who play dominoes and darts while we click clack and chat away.

We've only been meeting since last month and gradually over the weeks numbers have grown. I have only really promoted the group via word of mouth and using facebook. I was in a Cumbria Life article in June with two friends and a number of people contacted me from that.

Some of us are working on fashion items, here's Mel and the Lizzies knitting their winter wardrobes...

...Jeany's crocheted waist coat for baby Thomas's Alison's smocking (we have so many ideas as to what this could be made into)

Whilst others are working on home furnishings or toys. Lets face it us crafters always have something on the go.

We have a good mix of interests, abilities and ages but we all share a passion for making things ourselves. It's a great way to make some new crafty friends and catch up with some old ones whilst learning off each other and having a right good natter!

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