Friday, 7 August 2009

If you go down to the woods today...'re in for a big surprise.

I stumbled across this tiny tiny tea party in the woods across from where we live. All laid out on a little stone table amongst the brambles. The man who lives in the old mill across the river had an open gardens recently, he is self sufficient and has a large space dedicated to growing his own vegetables as well as lots of woodland, I think that this tea party was set up to entertain the children. Imagine finding that little treat!

He also keeps bees. Here they are. Clearly labelled.

Our puppy, Myrtle, likes to eat raspberries. Here she is waiting for juicy one I picked for her. If she picks her own she gets covered in sticky buds, she doesn't care but I do.

Myrtle discovered the remains of a fresh water crayfish, what a find! There are buzzards living around the river, I wonder if one had this for it's dinner? Or maybe it was the heron? I love walking Myrtle around Oakbank, it's great to get out and about. There's so many things to see right on our doorstep and new adventure to be had every day.

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