Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Tiny giants at number five

This is a bee that was on our front door on Monday, it was huge! It was bigger than a fifty pence. I tried to get another picture with a coin next to it but it got a bit angry and raised it's front legs at me and then flew at Mr B's foot and then whizzed off into the distance.

We'd seen a lot of dead bees lately, apparently there is a disease from Germany that is killing hives off and an increase in mobile phone signals over the last few years is making it harder for bees to navigate their way home. It was nice to see such a great big healthy one living locally.

Last night Mr B discovered a huge spider in the bathroom, it ran off behind the sink before I could get a glass over it (never kill a spider, it's really mean and also brings bad luck) so no picture either but it really was massive, like something from Australia! I'm sure we'll see it again.


  1. Miss P, A bee just as big landed on me last week. He didn't want to move, I wasn't scared though as he was lovely and fluffy! x

  2. i am so glad you never kill spiders. i never do either! lovely blog. thanks for sharing.


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