Monday, 17 August 2009

The queen of clubs

My very good friend Jill visited me this weekend, she has two great blogs The Winter Entertainments Club (originally a night she organised, one was themed on film which I spoke at) and Today I Saw (I have received two postcards from this) We don't get to see each other often as we live far apart. Her enthusiasm for all things heritage based knows no bounds as you can see by her projects. Setting up groups, events and activities left right and centre. She is the queen of (traditional) clubs. Jill's new one is Lovely London Ladies Social Evening I'm attending the first one and I don't think I can actually wait three whole weeks. It's definitely a hat and gloves event and I don't mean the woolly kind!

We tried on lots of beautiful vintage hats at Revival, Jill bought a lovely ladies bowler style one. Making our way through the soggy Kendal streets, seeing what the charity shops and haberdashery stall had to offer, we talked about how we'd like to spend our time and both agreed how important it is that people 'create their own cool', rather than waiting for it to appear.

Let me explain. It's too easy to say 'nothing like that happens here' or 'well of course if I lived in a city I could...' It's great fun, not to mention a tremendous sense of achievement to set up activities, exhibitions, groups, blogs whatever takes your fancy. Even if at first people aren't battering the door down to join in with a little perseverance you will find people who share your interest and take part or maybe they will just like what they see and it will make their day a bit nicer.

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