Friday, 23 April 2010

The adventures of Joey the wonder cat....

Over recent weeks Joey has got more and more confident expanding his terratory. He's been living at Oakbank just over a year now and had never experienced fields, lanes and cars before. Today I took Myrtle for her mad half hour in the field and Joey followed us!

I had to coax him through the hedge and he trotted along the allotments (they are a fenced off section of the field) Here he comes, meowing all the way.

...and here he is in the field. Cats generally don't like wide open spaces but Joeydoesn't like missing out on stuff, especially where Myrtle is concerned (and vice versa). Doesn't he look lovely and glossy in the sunshine.

Myrtle wasn't too interested in the cat walk as Joey didn't want to leg it around the field with her so she found herself a good stick to gnaw on.

Joey found himself a patch of grass which needed chewing and rolling on. He was really relaxed and it was so nice to see him exploring more.

Myrtle and I continued on to the river after a while, Joey wasn't for walking across the field and after we'd got a few steps away he decided to run home with his tail fluffed up, just to add some drama to his arrival home in front of the other moggs.
Myrtle and I found a brilliant beetle on a branch, we named him George (after St George and The Beatle) he was so blue and looked like he was made from metal.

Joey has to have the final say on a post all about his escapades, by deciding to sleep on the mantlepiece when we got home. I like the way his fluffy tummy overhangs the edge of the mantlepiece. Never underestimate a cat, eccentric through and through.

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