Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cat politics

With the election coming up I thought I'd tell you about our local cat politics as it's a far more interesting tale than the broken promises and hollow policies splashed all over the news at the moment. Here four cats are involved in a daily saga of friendship, food and fighting at Oakbank. Let me explain...

Here's our cat, Joey, soaking up some sun on the front room window sill, isn't he a handsome mogg? He's still the new kit on the block as he's only been here a year.

This is Robert (from next door but one) soaking up some sun on our kitchen window sill, he loves company so is often hanging around the garden letting out one of his prolonged meows, boy he can hold a note!

Joey and Robert get on ok, they are very similar in temperament, though Joey is probably a bit more of a mummys boy. Since the weather's been nicer they have been seeing a bit more of each other and this weekend had two kisses and a nice fur shedding roll together. Ahhh.

This is Tilly, she lives next door and is a really old, croaky, friendly girl. Tilly and Robert have been friends for years and they often have tea at each others houses.

Joey doesn't like Tilly much, I think he's more a 'one friend' kind of cat and also prefers being around other boys to girls. It's a shame because she is lovely and it could all be so harmonious in cat land if he'd just stop hissing at her. Here is Joey stalking her behind a pile of dead grass, he thinks no one can see him.

There it is in a nutshell, the cats of Oakbank. Oh no wait I forgot, there is a really nasty fluffy cat next door but one (the other way) called Ginge who beats the other cats up, especially Joey. No pictures of him though, apart from on the mogs noticeboard, on a wanted poster. I think they are slowly forming an alliance against Ginge. I'll keep you posted.

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