Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Owls and Miss Pussycat!

Well the last thing I expected to be doing today whilst hurrying through town to get some train tickets was meeting two birds of prey! They were on a visit up town from Furness Owls, a charity petting zoo and owl sanctuary.

I'd actually been mulling over the idea of a bird of prey day, perhaps for when it's my next birthday, for a while now but was concerned about how I'd react, as I've mentioned previously I have a thing about birds feet which can really scare me.

But here I am holding, yes holding, a massive owl called Oscar. He is a five year old Eagle Owl and he was very big and quite heavy and just look at his feet! I averted having a 'do' over the feet by simply not looking at them, problem solved. Please note the piece of lettuce on my jumper, this was from high speed sandwich scoffing upon approach to the birds, I'm glad Oscar didn't spot it or there could have been a total flap disaster!

Inside the garden centre was a Caribbean Screaching Owl called Olly. He was so cute and stood just seven inches tall. Olly had a bit of a grump on though, perhaps he was a bit miffed about missing out on all the lovely sunshine that Oscar was basking in.

It's funny that I ended up writing about these two, as on the way to work I spotted my first ducklings of the year and thought that would be todays blog. It's not the best picture but here they are, not sure why one of them was still bright yellow but they were all equally cute and swam along busily like little wind up bath toys.

I always like to make a note of such events, even if it's just a mental note. Just like lady bird spotting it usually marks a change, small things that are all part of the big things x

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  1. Look at your bump! You luck so cute in your stripey jumper. The birds are cool to. x


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