Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sunny Sunday

This weekend was so sunny and lovely we invited some of our friends round to enjoy a good old chin wag over drinks and some good grub.

Joy is expecting a baby around the same time as me, hence her cup of tea here. Mr B and the Melville-Inghams enjoyed a cool glass of champagne beer while we caught up on life and soaked up the warm evening sun.

Myrtle was confined to the lounge as our garden gate is in need of a repair, plus she's trouble where champagne glasses are concerned. As you can see here she quite enjoyed squeezing her head out of the window ear wigging conversations. She is the nosiest girl ever!

I made a delicious moussaka, with mixed salad and flat breads (there's a Greek theme there) and funnily enough the theme (sort of) continued with the arrival of the Melville-Inghams amazing pudding, cheesecake (the first cheesecake recipe dates back to ancient Greece) cupcakes!

Oh my they were good, really good. Fortunately Joy and I got two each, one for the bump you see. Mr B had two too, just because he really likes cake.

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  1. you have pregnant friends? who are these people. i want to meet them x


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